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(Payless Cellular announces the launch Unlimited 3G Wireless Data for Retail and Wholesale Distribution at the CTIA Convention in San Diego Oct 7-9, 2009)

Payless Cellular announced the launch of a new Unlimited Data offering at the CTIA Wireless Convention in San Diego, CA October 7-9, 2009. “Providing the products and services that our customers desire is what drives our business. Our customers want Unlimited, so we are very excited to launch our Unlimited Data product to meet that demand” said Sia Hodjatie, CEO of Payless Cellular.

The Payless Cellular Unlimited Data plan is equally desirable among business and residential customers. Most of our Retail customers are switching to our Unlimited Data offer as a replacement to their existing carrier Data Cards which cap their usage at 5 Gigabytes of data usage. Unlimited Data is a worry free plan that allows the customer to connect a USB Data Card with their laptop or PC, without fear of overage or restricted usage by the Carriers. Our business clients see Unlimited Data as a great way to manage costs for their employees data usage. Our clients find it easier to manage expenses when they know exactly what their bill will look like each month. Unlimited Data Card plans allow a business to eliminate the worry of overage for their Data Card users” said Mark Savage, Director at Payless Cellular. In addition business users are attracted to their unlimited data plan solution as a back-up data connection for DSL, cable, and T-1 connections. A Wireless Router can be purchased from Payless Cellular that is equipped with data ports for both USB wireless data card as well as traditional DSL, cable or T-1 modem. The wireless data card can be easily configured in the router settings and used for failover data connectivity only when the primary connection fails.

Payless Cellular is seeing immediate successful with the launch of our unlimited data plan. We have invested an enormous amount of time and resources into developing the unlimited data plan. During 2009 Wireless Dealer EXPO at CTIA this October, Payless Cellular is launching special incentives to Dealers and other Wireless Resellers/MVNOs that will allow them to purchase Unlimited Data services at Wholesale Rates and then re-brand the service as their own Private Label brand. According to Mark Savage, Director of the Wholesale Division at Payless Cellular, "The response we have gotten from those who have come on board and used the product has been incredible. The speeds are excellent, the service is reliable, and because it is an unlimited product, billing has been simple for both the retailer and the end user. This is a win-win for everyone," Wireless dealers, Resellers, and MVNOs seeking to become a Sub-Reseller for the Payless Cellular Unlimited Data Plans, should contact Mark Savage directly at

About Payless Cellular:

Having just celebrated its silver anniversary, Payless Cellular has been in business for more than 25 years under the same ownership. Their brands include Payless Cellular, CF Repair Center and Payless Accessories. The flagship wireless retail store is located on the trendy block of 2600 Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica, CA. The store boasts 13,000 square feet of pure customer-friendly wireless retail expertise. Next year, they will celebrate another milestone with 10 years since the doors opened at the Wilshire Boulevard retail location.

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With twenty-five years and counting, the Payless Cellular team continues to make concentrated efforts to deliver an unlimited promise across their brands to painlessly solving the needs of their wireless customers.